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Spiritual freedom through oneness, one simple success at a time.
Inner Journey Breathwork

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I honor that you're taking the time to get curious about what's possible in your life.  I believe that in order to live our full potential, it's crucial to eliminate the limiting beliefs and false narratives that impede our progress. These beliefs are often rooted in negative past experiences, societal and cultural expectations or childhood conditioning that can prevent us from achieving our goals and reaching our full capacity. For the past decade, I have devoted myself to freeing these self-imposed obstacles and also guiding others on a path towards freedom and service.

On my journey, I discovered the transformative power of Breathwork, a modality that allows us to release unconscious barriers to be able to tap into the inherent joy and freedom that resides within us. As a certified Breathwork facilitator and trained diksha giver, I lead individuals through a process that enables them to let go of stored energy that may be unknowingly weighing them down.

Using my extensive travels, workshops, and experience working with respected mentors and teachers, I draw on my knowledge, training, and innate abilities to assist people in breaking down the emotional barriers that limit us and bring light to even the smallest yet significant achievements.

I refer to them as "simple successes."

These shifts, though small, are incredibly powerful and ultimately lead to massive changes in our lives.

It would be an honor to create a secure and supportive environment for you and guide you through a Breathwork journey.


Inner Journey Breathwork

Holding a safe and sacred container as a catalyst for growth, my sole mission is to support women both in and out of recovery in coming home to themselves. In return, they can sustainably pioneer conscious paths forward while curating bigger, bolder, and more purposeful lives.

With more than a decade of expertise and training in Breathwork, I lead my clients on a voyage of self-exploration as they venture into the depths of their inner worlds. By integrating Shamanic Breathwork ™ and Inner Journey breathwork techniques, I tailor my approach to the unique voyage of each individual, tending to their specific requirements and nurturing a profound sense of unity: the harmony between breath, body, mind, and spirit.

Throughout each session, our focus is on bringing forth intense compassion and complete acceptance for those aspects of ourselves that we have sometimes been conditioned to conceal from the world. Through the surrender to the circular breath, we transcend the limitations of our individual egos, opening up to elevated levels of awareness and recognizing our place within a greater whole.

This process also restores equilibrium to the nervous system, enabling us to delve into the cellular level to unearth and release pent-up emotions that might influence our present interactions. We acknowledge that these emotions are shared by all of humanity, reinforcing the notion of unity.

These scientifically validated healing methods have been pivotal in my personal growth and form the core of my transformative approach to my work. They continually remind us that, in our journey of self-discovery, we are not isolated but connected to the collective consciousness of humanity.

I look forward to leading you on a transformational journey that embraces the concept of oneness, helping you not only discover your inner self but also your place within the interconnected fabric of existence.

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"On the other side of awareness, acceptance, and action, liberation is unearthed. From liberation, we thrive."

- Ashley

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Upcoming Events
Journey to Oneness Women's Breathwork Ceremony

Saturday, May 11, 2024
1 pm - 3 pm

Location: Shanti Sound 8010 East McDowell Road #Suite 213 Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Join Julie Belfer, my dear friend and remarkable medicine woman, as we embark on an afternoon of inner discovery through the power of breath. Experience a transformative Journey to Oneness breathwork ceremony on May 11th, where a blend of techniques will guide you towards acceptance, insight, and self-appreciation.


Client Love


Ashley has a true gift of healing. She has helped me become a better version of myself.


Generous, kind, patient, and wise are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Ashley. She has impacted my life in significant ways over these last couple of years; helping me grow and heal in every aspect of my life. I'm thankful every day to have her as a mentor and friend.


Breathwork with Ashley is truly one to experience. She held an incredibly safe space that felt sacred to me. Her guided breath kept me not only present but allowed me to truly free myself to go deeper & deeper into my intention, where I was able to unlock the most levels of healing. The music she chose was so aligned, it took my journey to a whole other level. I left vibrating.


When I met Ashley I was pretty lost. In the most gentle way that was perfect for my soul, she led me back to the path of my true self. Over the years working with Ashley has helped me to see who I truly am and who I want to be. My life has improved in all ways since I met Ashley and through the work we did together.


Ashley has been such an instrumental person in my life. She has helped me grow in ways I had absolutely no idea I needed to.


Ashley has a true gift of healing. She has helped me become a better version of myself.


Doing Breathwork with Ashley unlocked a transformative world  I would have never otherwise discovered. Working with Ashley allowed me to discard traumatic energy that I'd locked deep into my core over the course of decades. The peace, clarity, and sense of calmness that was achieved through my experiences with her are gifts I never thought  I would receive. I can honestly say that my life has changed significantly and for the better since I sought her guidance. Trust in her, trust in the process, trust in yourself.

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